the leaf-picking robot that truly saves

Originated from a logical question:

Can this be done faster?

Lenzeel is an independent technical company based in Maasbree. We develop machines together with our customers. In cucumber cultivation, leaf picking is still mostly done by hand. Can this be done faster with lower costs? That's what a grower from northern Limburg, NL, asked. Together we developed the leaf-picking robot DIPLO. The robot picks the leaves fully automatically, which saves at least 60 percent picking labor. In addition to DIPLO, we see more technical solutions for cucumber cultivation and other industries.

Our future vision: automate greenhouses around the world.


Lenzeel builds technology for the greenhouse

Meet Diplo

With the grower together

testing and development

Our strength is that we always build in cooperation with the grower. We link the grower's knowledge to our technical creativity. We like to visit the greenhouse and translate the grower's ideas into our machines. The DIPLO C100 has been extensively tested in practice and further developed. We also offer appropriate technical assistance if needed.

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Seeing how DIPLO works

'The DIPLO is picking even more than previously calculated.'