The machines
of Lenzeel


more than 60% cost savings

The DIPLO picks at least 80 percent of the leaves in the 50-centimeter picking area. This saves more than half in picking labor. Not for nothing is DIPLO named after the greatest known leaf eater: dinosaur Diplodocus. C100 is the type number.

But the link to dinosaurs goes further. Lenzeel builds robots that move and behave as naturally as possible, making them truly productive. Because of its effective functions, DIPLO is the first leaf-picking robot that really saves.

The Claw

puts DIPLO on track

The CLAW is a unique invention by Lenzeel, which allows the DIPLO to ride just right over the tube rails. It is a magnetic block that hooks (claws) onto the beginning of the tube rail. This allows the DIPLO to find just the right starting position to drive over the pipe rail. The robot attaches itself to the magnets of the CLAW and then autonomously rolls into the row.


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