Grashoek, NL

A big part is doing the robot

Completely autonomous Diplo goes to work

The DIPLO is very solid and does even more than previously calculated! We pick with 1 robot not five, but almost six acres. Leaf picking is often not the most fun for employees, but it is an important task. The robot now does an important part of the work and this allows us to skim the labor peak.

"We pick with one robot not five, but almost six acres."

Good leaf picking also keeps the crop well open. This in turn prevents problems such as the bacterium Erwinia. By deploying the robot intelligently, we can maximize performance. With a larger planting distance, for example, it can drive faster. And with gutters on the ground, the robot can pick faster because the leaves start lower. With us, the DIPLO quickly made more hours than Lenzeel had calculated!

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